All of our ice cream is made on site in our tiny, 496 sq. ft.  building. Every batch starts on the stove, with its own recipe.  We make all of our ice cream from scratch with natural, locally-sourced, ingredients. All the ice cream is made fresh.  If you come in the shop at the right time, you can catch us making it.  

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We can make as much as 200 gallons of ice cream in a week, or more!  Did we mention there are only two of us making the ice cream?  We are both women, so it is like having a full team of people.

The ice cream (#engineered2benaked)

We like to say our ice cream is Engineered 2Be^naked.  By that, we mean that it can stand on its own two feet, so to speak.  It doesn't need to be dressed up with waffles, crazy toppings, or other stuff to be awesome (but we won't hold it against you if you want to put some toppings on it!).  We really engineer our recipes to make the flavors taste like their namesakes: fudgesicle, D'OUGH, carrot cake, molasses cookie, banana bread... Get the picture?  Each flavor has its own recipe, designed for the sole purpose of your enjoyment.  Dress them up if you would like, but they stand strong by their naked selves.  

We  rotate over 100 dairy and vegan flavors through our shop. We make small batches of each flavor - once it is gone, it goes back into rotation.  You may see a flavor today, and it will be gone tomorrow.  We post our "starting flavors" for each day on Instagram and Facebook.

Vegan Friendly options

We have a wide range of vegan flavors that go beyond the flavors in the cabinet.  In addition to the ice cream, our home made waffle cones, caramel sauce, chocolate sauce and Today's berry sauce are dairy-free and vegan friendly.  We also offer our shakes and floats in dairy-free vegan friendly options as well as our davenports and our brownie ice cream sandwiches.  We try to ensure dairy-free/vegan friendly folks can have the same ice cream experience as everyone else.

Not Seasonal

We are open all year round.  No rest for the weary.  We, personally, eat more ice cream as it gets colder.  It is the perfect comfort food, if you have a sweet tooth. We pack ice cream in pints to go, perfect to curl up at home and watch a movie.  We do limit our hours in the cooler, snow drenched months, so check our our Facebook for hours of operation.